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"I went for dinner.  Interior was clean and comfortable.  The food was delicious.  I ordered Fesenjan and loved it.  It is made of walnuts and pomegranate.  Portions were large, and each entree came with a HUGE plate of delicate, fluffy basmati rice.  Two dishes and an appetizer was too much food for the two of us to finish.  Free bread was good; Didn't have room for dessert.  The wine by the glass is a great deal... the pours are generous." Brian T. From Newport Beach, CA


"My best friend loves this place, I think it's pretty chill. Ten bucks a person, all you can eat lunch. They have plenty of different selections, from kabobs, & various types of grilled meats, salads, soups, & also dessert. Personally, I really like there, and the grilled chicken, that was pretty good. Gets pretty busy here during lunch, and you can come in a group and totally be fine." Mims N. From Fountain Valley, CA

"I would have never come here w/o your organizing the UYE.  It was such a good lunch and I would have never thought it was a buffet with the quality of the food.  The chicken (several different styles) were all very tender and flavorful.  And the other selections of four different types of rice, dips, bread, salad.... all great in my opinion.  I would agree as we were discussing at lunch that this is a place that is OK if you slept in and were needing a meal at that weird hour of after lunch, but too early for dinner?  So if you are hunting around Costa Mesa for a 2pm-5pm place... this is it!  I felt like when we were leaving at 2pm, like Rick W said.... the place started to get filled with more people (obviously in the know) and freshly cooked food. Enjoy!" Lisa V. From Costa Mesa, CA

"If you like Persian food or would like to try it for the first time, I highly recommend Orchid.  Whether you get the buffet or order off the menu, there is something for everyone, including many choices for vegetarians.  I particularly enjoy all the different rice dishes, the appetizers, and chicken koobideh.  The fresh bread made on the premises is awesome with the eggplant or yogurt dip or simply with some butter and a slice of onion.  The butter, onion, and sumac powder is also tasty mixed into the heaps of basmati rice that come with your meal.  How do Persians eat so much rice?  The portions are enormous!  I like the take the leftovers home for lunch the next day.
Service is very friendly, prices are reasonable, place is so clean and the restaurant is really big, so I've never had to make a reservation.  If you come late at night there is live music and the Persian families boogie down on the dance floor." Amy K. From Irvine


"Ihave been going to this place since I was a little kid. I love their food, I love bringing new people here. The lavash (bread) is wonderful. the servers will bring you as much of it as you like. It is very good with the butter and raw onion. Try it. The koobideh kabob is great and only like $10.  For an appetizer, the Eggplant Borani is outstanding. The best time to go is later in the evening on weekend nights. Nothing better than the persian singer/keyboarder and the drunk Persians dancing around." Zizi B. From Santa Monica


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